Yahoo! Reimagining

UX Design, Interaction Design

Following the success of Social Bar, I was brought into a team of designers tasked tasked with creating a modern, immersive, cross-platform, social redesign of all Yahoo! properties. I focused mostly on social integration, investigating how your social contacts could curate your media discovery process.

Work began by developing personas and creating user stories to see at which points the user would interact with the product. We began exploring the concept of a z-index to encourage to explore "deeper" into layers of content that they were interested in.

Initial Designs

Initial designs were very photo-rich, and presented a never-ending stream of content, prioritized by content your friends have already read or commented on. Individual stories could be previewed on a tap or hover, and expanded on click.

Magazine View

Content categories were eventually turned into endless horizontal scrolling "rivers" of individual stories. These rivers were prioritized by explicit interest signals set by the user as well as content read from members of the users' social graph. Interstitial ads within the rivers fulfilled the business need for monetization.


Multiple card designs were explored, with varying focus on social signals. Ultimately a more bandwidth-friendly approach was chosen.

Card Designs

The designs then focused on ways to integrate an "interest bar" as the main form of navigation, with cards of content forming the bulk of the category pages. Care was taken that the layout could adapt to any screen size.


While the overall redesign was well received internally and tested well with users, the project was shelved during a change in CEOs.