UX Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design

While I was working for Citizen Sports, the company purchased an up-and-coming sports app called Sportacular. While popular, it was hastily built with little thought to visual polish or usability. I was tasked at redesigning it from the grown up.

Original Sportacular Designs

I began by sketching a handful of "hero" screens, ensuring that the right elements were in place and that navigating from one state to the next was effortless.

Sportacular Sketch

As visual design work began, I created a master document to capture the various states of the app and to ensure that the main flows and navigation made sense.

Sportacular Design Index

The visual design continued to evolve in response to early usability tests. The navigation was stripped down and more focus was placed onto getting top scores and news as efficiently as possible.

Sportacular Hero Screens

After the release and the rapid success of the iPhone version, work turned to developing a version for the iPad. While sharing the same design library, work focused on making use of the increased real estate the new form factor offered, with an emphasis on easier navigation and more relevant data presented in fewer taps.

Sportacular iPad

The app enjoyed immense success, and was one of the handful of iPhone applications admitted into the prestigious App Store "Hall of Fame." After Citizen Sports was acquired by Yahoo!, the app was rebranded as Yahoo! Sports.