Yahoo! Social Bar

UX Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design

As Facebook prepared to release their open graph protocol in 2010, I was the sole designer on a nimble team tasked with enabling Yahoo! News users to have their news reading experience curated by their friends via the Facebook Social Graph.

The project turned out to be a huge success, reaching 27.5 million monthly active users at it's peak.

Work began by quickly sketching the general flow and experience, with the authentication flows receiving a lot of early attention, as the service relied on the user having both a Yahoo! and Facebook account to participate.

Social Bar Account Linking

It was critical the the mobile experience not be treated like a second class citizen. Assumptions made for the desktop experience were also tested for smaller screens.

Social Bar Mobile Flow

Prior to Social Bar, I had been working on a project for Yahoo! News that introduced a conversation-centric redesign that allowed for simultaneous private and public conversations. Ideas generated here were incorporated into the next phase of the project.

Social Bar Conversations

As the project took shape, focus shifted onto ways to onboard existing Yahoo! users who used Facebook to opt into the experience.

Social Bar Roadblocking

Due to time constraints, the social functionality was worked into the existing Yahoo! News design framework. From here Social Bar users could browse news stories their friends had read and control their own sharing.

Yahoo! Social Bar