Interactive Marketing

UX Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design

For a period of time I focused exclusively on animated, interactive marketing materials. From ads to feature rich immersive sites, the focus was always on how to engage and delight the user while simultaneously working within very strict bandwidth limitations.

I worked with Young & Rubicam on a microsite for Adidas' "Impossible is Nothing" campaign. The site highlighted exceptional moments in sports history while simultaneously showing the evolution of Adidas sneakers throughout the year.

Adidas Microsite

I also created a series of animated advertisements for Toyota of America to support the California release of the iconic Prius. The final results showcased rich animation while keeping the file sizes under a tiny 30k.

Toyota Prius Advertisements

When Yahoo! and SBC decided to offer their own Internet access, I was brought on board to help design, animate and program an interactive companion marketing piece that illustrated the main features of the product in a lightweight, fun method that encouraged exploration.

Yahoo! SBC DSL

I was also asked to help design and animate a campaign for Microsoft's Xbox and peripherals. A series of animated ads were created touting that the "next generation" of gaming had arrived.

Xbox Advertisements